LPG Gas KYC Form : Indane Gas, Bharat Gas, HP Gas

KYC has become a necessary part of the verification of a person who is using a particular service. Know Your Customer (KYC) is also done when you are going to register for gas connection. The step by step process of verification is always followed by the authorities. It has become a mandatory part of the customer verification procedure.

The essential practice of KYC verification is carried so as to verify the name, address, contact number, email id, Adhar card and many other details which are provided by the customer while registering for the gas connection. KYC is necessary because some people fill fake information when they go for registration process. The wrong information may further create problems in the service and hence almost all gas companies do the KYC verification across the nation.

Getting KYC Form Offline

Performing KYC has become an important process of customer verification. Details and information about the customer are verified through offline as well as online mode. The offline way of doing KYC consists of the first step to visit the nearest distributor’s office. The dealers will provide you the KYC form which you need to submit by filling up the significant details about you within a time limit.

Details such as name, address , contact number, contact email id, adhar number and gas connection id are to be provided in the KYC form. Along with this form, you also have to attest the gas connection application form. Apart from the theoretical information, you also need to provide the passport size photograph which is a part of compulsory details.

Getting KYC Form Online

Another way of getting the KYC form is to download it online. First of all you need to official websites of the gas companies. After landing at the official web portal of the company, you need to log into your user account. You will get a download link for the KYC form. It’s necessary for you fill up every minute detail about your identity in the KYC form. After you enter the complete information about yourself in the KYC form, you will require to submit it online and get the verification done online.

Documents Required for KYC

The important documents which are needed to be submitted while doing KYC verification are mentioned below. You will have to present the original documents before the authorities and get the information about you verified in a legitimate way. Among all these documents, Adhar card is the most important document which you must have along with you.

Identity Proof

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID

Address Proof

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Driving License
  • LIC Policy
  • Passport
  • Property Allotment or Possession Letter
  • Ration Card
  • Registration Certificate of House
  • Rent Agreement
  • Utility Bill
  • Voter ID

Frequently Asked Questions (FYQ)

Is it mandatory to get KYC done?

KYC verification is a compulsory process for each and every customer who is getting the benefit of gas connection at a subsidized rate. If you’re not going to do verification by using the KYC facility, your gas connection will be terminated as per the standard guidelines. Hence, verification through KYC essential to continue to use the service of gas company.

My KYC was rejected, why?

There might be two possible reasons behind the rejection of your KYC. One is that the documents provided by you might not match with original documents of yours. If the authorities find any mismatch between the information provided by you, your KYC will be verified. Second reason for the rejection of KYC is the incorrect information in the documents.

Can I get subsidy without completing KYC?

Obviously no. You cannot get the benefit of gas connection at subsidized rate if you fail to complete the KYC. Subsidy will not be transferred to your bank account if you have not performed KYC verification. Now a days, KYC verification has become as essential part of verifying credentials of a particular customer.

Is it possible to submit KYC form online?

As per our knowledge, there’s no way of submitting the KYC form online as the face to face submission of the same is required so as to validate the confirmation and verification of the KYC form. By visiting the nearby distributor office, you will be able to submit the KYC form to the higher authorities.

I don’t remember my Customer Number, What do I do?

If you do not remember your customer number, you should immediately contact to the distributor’s office and provide your details to them so that they will tell you the customer number. Only thing which you are required to do is to submit all the necessary details to them so as to know the customer number without any problem.

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