HP Gas Booking : How To Book HP Gas Online / Offline?

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, one the leading oil and gas company has been successful in creating a huge customer base in the country. More than millions of people in the country have been using the gas connection from this company. If you’re interested in booking HP gas connection, then you have the availability of various sources through which you’ll be able to do it very easily.

Different Ways To Book HP Gas

There are numerous ways of booking a gas if you have updatedyourself with the latest information about the ongoing happenings related to technology. With new technology, numerous new ways of booking gas connection have gained popularity. You can either use online methods or go for offline processes of booking the gas connection. Both are the effective ways of booking gas connection. Below are some other ways of booking gas connection.

  • Booking via IVRS
  • Quick Book and Pay
  • Online Booking
  • Booking via SMS
  • Mobile App
  • Call and Book
  • Booking via Distributor

HP Anytime Services

Booking gas connection with the use of IVR number is one of the best way which most of the people prefer to go with. Read the step by step procedure of the same given below.

  • If you are willing to book gas connection by using IVR number, you simply have to make a phone call on that number.
  • The next step is to select the language of communication. After selecting the language to conversate with the authorities, you have place the request.
  • They will further forward the same to server and confirm the request. You will be notified after the confirmation of the gas connection.

HP Gas Booking Numbers

HP Gas has provided a list of contact numbers which the customers can use to contact the authorities and get information about the process of booking gas connection. Before that, you need to confirm that your contact number is registered with the company.

State / Union Territory Contact Number
Andhra Pradesh +91 96660 23456
Assam +91 94015 23456
Bihar +91 94707 23456
Jharkhand +91 89875 23456
Delhi & NCR +91 99909 23456
Gujarat +91 98244 23456
Haryana +91 98129 23456
Himachal Pradesh +91 94184 23456
Jammu & Kashmir +91 90860 23456
Kerala +91 99610 23456
Karnataka +91 99640 23456
Maharashtra & Goa +91 88888 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh +91 96690 23456
Odisha +91 90909 23456
Punjab +91 98556 23456
Rajasthan +91 78910 23456
Tamil Nadu +91 90922 23456
Puducherry +91 90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh +91 98896 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W) +91 94126 23456
West Bengal +91 90888 23456

HP Gas Online Booking

HP Gas online booking process is very simple. You have to logging into the user account at official website of the gas company and then by following the further steps, you may complete the process of gas connection booking.

  • If you have opened your user account at the website, then it will be easy for you to log into the account. If you haven’t created user account at the website, then you’ll have to create it and then only you will be able to do your task.
  • Use the LPG id to create a new user account. After the registration process is completed, you can move on to the process of booking. At the time of booking, you’ve to submit the complete details of yourself so that the verification process becomes easier and gas connection is established.

HP Gas Quick Book

Booking process with the use of Quick Book can be followed to get a gas connection from HP company. You can simply visit the official website of HP gas company and click on the Quick Book option. By following next step by step process, you’ll end up booking the gas connection without any problem.

HP Gas – SMS Booking

Booking gas connection via SMS is also not a bad idea to implement. Thing which you need to do is to simply submit your details to the distributor via their contact number. The distributor take some time to verify all the credentials and notify you once the request is placed. You will receive a confirmation message in the form of SMS.

HP Gas Mobile App

As you can also book the gas via a mobile app, you can download the app and register with the company by confirming the contact by submitting the OTP. After you’re done with registration process, you may move to on to the next step which suggests that you must find the option by clicking on which you’ll be able to book the gas connection. By following this simplest process, you can book the gas connection of HP company.

HP Gas Distributor

Going to distributor’s office and registering the gas connection is considered as the traditional way of getting the gas connection. You can go to the distributor’s office and submit your details to them so that they further verify and tell you the date of providing gas connection. These all ways will surely help in booking the gas connection.

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