How To Transfer Your Indane, Bharat, HP Gas To Other Family Member?

If you’re having a gas connection and willing to transfer it to another family member, then you first of all need to drop your connection. This is very basic thing which most of the people are unaware of. This is not a complicated process as it will be easily done with the help of authorities working at the gas companies.

Customers of HP, Bharat and Indane Gas, who are using the gas connection, might sometime feel of transferring it to other member of your family. By following the simple procedure of contacting the authorities and carrying out the verification of the documents, customers can transfer the gas connection to family member without any difficulty.

How To Transfer My Indane Gas To Other Family Member?

You should not worry about transferring the gas connection to your family member if you’re the customer of Indane Gas company. It is as easy as transferring some into bank account of other person. The complete process is given below step by step.

  • First thing which you need to do is to go the nearby distributor of the company. From there, you are supposed the application form which has to he submitted to the authorities at the end of the procedure.
  • You have to fill necessary details in the form. After adding personal information of yours in that form, you also need to mention about the person whom you’re planning to transfer the gas connection.
    1. KYC Form for the Transferee
    2. Address Proof of Transferee
    3. Identity Proof of Transferee
    4. Subscription Voucher
    5. Declaration from Transferee
  • The documents mentioned are to be attested with the application form and then only you must go for submitting it to the distributor’s office.
  • Once you submit it to distributor, the authorities cross check information provided by you and then they give you a subscription voucher.
  • You will be notified about the transfer of gas connection soon its done as per the schedule and procedure.

How To Transfer My HP Gas To Other Family Member?

We are sharing with you the exact and right process of transferring the HP gas connection to other family member. The step by step method of this process is given in the form of points in below paragraph.

  • Initially, you have to collect the form from nearest distributor and take guidelines to follow the transferring of gas connection. Once you’re done with gathering exact info about the process, you can move ahead to go for the next step.
  • After collecting the form from distributor, you have to enter the complete details about you in that form. You also have to provide the details of transferee and thus make it sure that all information you’re providing is accurate.
    1. Subscription Voucher
    2. Declaration from Transferee
    3. KYC Form for the Transferee
    4. Address Proof of Transferee
    5. Identity Proof of Transferee
  • You must attest thesedocuments listed above with the application form and then only you should submit it to the distributor’s office. Verification of those documents will take some time and you’ll be notified about the same after the completion of authentication of the documents.
  • The distributor will give you the subscription voucher and you may further contact the authorities if you notice any delay or failure in the transfer of gas connection.

How To Transfer My Bharat Gas To Other Family Member?

Bharat Gas company has been successful in satisfying their customers with proper and efficient service. The users of this company need to know the exact procedure of transferring the gas connection to their family member if they’re interested in doing so. Given below is the method of transfer of gas connection.

  • In the beginning, you are supposed to collect the transfer as well as KYC form. User and the transferee both have to go to distributor to get the form.
  • Further step is of filling up the form with accurate details and information about the user as well as the transferee. There’s shouldn’t be any mistake in the information provided in that form.
    1. KYC Form for the Transferee
    2. Identity Proof of Transferee
    3. Subscription Voucher
    4. Declaration from Transferee
    5. Address Proof of Transferee
  • The documents mentioned in this paragraph should be attested with the application form. The next step which youshould do is to submit the formto the distributor’s office. Distributor will carry out the verification process so as to confirm the each and every detail provided.
  • The distributor will hand over the subscription voucher to you. They’ll also inform you about the completion of transfer process. You need to be updated with the transfer status and take cognizance of the process. If you come across any glitch, you may simply contact the distributor and complain about the same.

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