How To Surrender Gas Connection – Indane Gas, HP Gas, Bharat Gas

How To Surrender Gas Connection – Indane Gas, HP Gas, Bharat Gas: Being the leading gas companies of India, HP Gas, Indane Gas and Bharat Gas have been the three most influential service providers. Having a huge customer base in the country, these three companies have left no stone unturned in satisfying their customers with an excellent service. That’s why these companies attained new horizons of success in the field of offering gas connections.

As users keep on switching to other gas connections when they are not satisfied with one service. Due to some reasons, it becomes difficult for the users to stop availing the service. In those cases, users are required to surrender the gas connection. The reasons why gas connection is surrendered as well as the process of surrendering the gas connection through online or offline are discussed in this article.

Reasons to surrender Gas Connection

Customers who face several problems in day to day life fail to continue with service gas connections provided by the leading gas companies. In those cases, the customers are required to surrender the gas connection by informing the authorities at gas companies. Below are the reasons why most of the customers surrender their gas connections.

  1. If you already have a gas pipeline connection, you can get the benefit of gas connection from any of these companies. It is illegal to have both connections at same time. So, the customers can surrender the pipeline connection so as to avail the gas connection from any of these companies. By applying for the new gas connection, you can start using the service of a gas company.
  2. In second case, you are having more than one gas connection and hence you have to surrender any of those gas connection as it’s illegal to have more than one gas connection. You can get only one cylinder at subsidized rate. If you want to purchase one more cylinder, you won’t get it at subsidized rate. You’ll have to pay the complete amount to purchase it.
  3. When you are about to relocate your present destination, it is necessary for you to surrender the gas connection which is being used by you in present scenario. This is only done when you don’t find the same company in the area where you’re going to move. If you find the branch of company there as well, it’s not required to surrender the gas connection.

Process of Surrendering Gas Connection Online

It is very easy to surrender the gas connection online. You simply have to follow the certain guidelines which are mentioned below.

  1. First step of this process is logging into the user account. If you might haven’t registered with the gas company at its official website, you need to sign up to open user account and get the access of all those options in dashboard which will further help in taking the next steps.
  2. Once you enter into the dashboard of your user account, you will see an option of surrendering the gas connection. You have to click on that option and you will redirected to next page where you will require to submit certain details about yourself.
  3. After filling up the necessary information in the form, you are going to be issued a request id which will be helpful in confirming the surrender of gas connection. The cancellation of the service will only take place after you confirm the same online.
  4. You will receive a confirmation call. You have to attend the call and verify the personal information to confirm it once again. Once it’s confirmed that you are hundred percent sure of surrendering the gas connection, servicemen of the gas company will come to your house and take away the cylinder and regulator along with them.

Process of Surrendering Gas Connection Offline

  1. Offline method of surrendering gas connection is also not that difficult when compared with online mode. You simply have to visit the nearby distributor’s office and collect a form which is used to validate the process of surrendering the gas connection.
  2. After collecting the form from the gas company’s distributor’s office, you need to fill up necessary information related to your personal user account and other personal details. In order to validate your information, this process of filling up the information has to be followed.
  3. As soon as you finish filling up the form, you should move to the distributor’s office to submit it. The authorities there will cross verify the complete information and then they will give you the termination voucher. You have to keep this voucher with you which will help you in getting your amount refunded to your bank account.

If you have followed these steps religiously, then you shouldn’t face any difficulty in surrendering the gas connection through any mode. Whether you couldn’t complete the task to surrender the connection, then you can take the help of customer care helpline. The customer care will assist you in resolving every issue while surrendering the gas connection.

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