How To Know Your Bharat Gas Refill Booking Status Online?

Bharat Gas is considered as one of the leading gas providing companies in India. The company managed to create a huge customer base in the country within a less span of time. Quality of service delivery and a quick grievance redressal mechanism has helped the company reach pinnacle of the success. If you’re one of the customers of this company and willing to know refill booking status online, then you must go through this article at least once so that you can deeply understand the complete process easily.

Checking the Status Online

The checking of Bharat Gas refill via online mode can be a better option. The process only few steps and within a little span of time, you will come to know about the gas refill status. It is mandatory for you to have a user account at the official website of Bharat Gas company.

  • First of all, you have to search for the web url in the searche engines. Thus, you will open the homepage of the website.
  • Find the sign/login option on the homepage of the website. You have to enter the user id and password so as to enter into the dashboard of your user account.
  • If you haven’t opened user account, then you must follow the registration process to do so. In the user account, you will find the option ‘booking history’.
  • By clicking on the option ‘booking history’, you will know the status of gas connection. If it’s still pending, then that means you need to wait for some time to get the connection.

Checking the Status Via IVRS

Users of Bharat Gas company can easily check the status of gas refill via IVRS number. Many customers of Bharat Gas consider this the most convenient way of inquiring about the gas connection refill. IVRS number is available 24*7 hours. You can contact the authorities with the help of this number and know the status of gas refill connection.

  • The initial step in checking the gas refill connection status with the use of IVRS number is making a phone call on the number. The number is available 24*7 hours for all the customers who are worried to know the gas connection status.
  • If the customer is a resident of Delhi, he or she must dial on 9868856789 to inquire about the gas refill connection. The user belonging to other state should dial the number 9402056789 to know the status.
  • You dial this number on any day in the week as this number is also active on holidays. You can get in touch with the authorities to know the present status of gas refill.
  • When you don’t find exact number to connect to inquiry centre, then you must look for the numbers by following this link :
  • Copy and paste this url in your browser so as to know the list of numbers with the use of which you can know current status of gas refill.

Checking the Status via App

Now a days, mobile application play significant roles un reducing the stress and time consumed in doing any research. If you’re willing to check the gas refill connection status, then you must do it by downloading the app. People who complain about inconvenience caused while checking the status through other modes may take help of this facility which reduces the time consumption as well as provides First thing needs to be done is downloading the app. After that one needs to do the registration process by confirming the number with submission of OTP and start using the app.

  • No sooner you download the app than you must login into your user account. After the verification process by submitting the OTP, you further move on to access the user account via app.
  • Once you login into the account, you should search for ‘booking history’ option. The option comes up with information regarding the present status of gas refill connection.
  • Also the history of other gas connections you booked previously is shown under that option. By filtering it date wise, one can know the recent updates regarding gas connection status.
  • After seeing the gas refill status, one must not forget to logout of the user account. You should keep the notifications on so as to get the updates of new changes in the status of gas refill connection.
  • A new page will open when go through this process religiously. The pages offer you information how you should proceed while knowing the status of gas refill connection.

These various methods to know gas refill connection will be of surely helpful. Apart from going for these processes of knowing the gas refill status, you can also dial 1800 224 344 to get in touch with the Bharat Gas authorities and get information about the status of gas refill connection.

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