How to check Bharat Gas Subsidy Status Online or Offline

How to check Bharat Gas Subsidy Status Online or Offline: Three leading gas companies Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane Gas have acquired a huge customer base in India. A large number people use the service of these well-reputed gas companies. These companies have been famous for providing a useable gas connection to its users who also take the advantage of gas subsidy to get the gas connection at a reasonable rate.

With the launch of PAHAL scheme, public domain with annual income below a particular mark are availed to use the benefit of gas subsidy. The government of India came up with this new scheme under which the users have to submit the application form and the eligible people will get the subsidy transferred in their bank accounts. The amount of subsidy will further be used to buy the gas cylinder.

Documents Required to Claim Subsidy

People who don’t take advantage of the subsidy have to pay the complete amount while purchasing the gas cylinder. The users willing to get the benefit of gas subsidy must be eligible to enjoy the benefit of the scheme. If someone is eligible for it, then that person needs to follow certain process of submitting and verifying its documents. Documents that are required for getting the benefit of the scheme are mentioned below.

You have to fill up the application form to show that you’re eligible to get the subsidy. It also needs the submission of documents which are mentioned below. You have to show the original documents to authorities and submit the Xerox of original documents to the nearby distributor to enjoy the benefit of the scheme.

  • Adhar Card
  • Bank Account Details
  • First Page of Passbook

How to Check Bharat Gas Subsidy Status Online

If you have applied for the gas subsidy and willing to check the status of gas subsidy online, you must take the help of internet in this regard. You have to search for the official websites of Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas. These webportals will offer you the opportunity and platform to check the gas subsidy status online. After searching urls of these portals on internet, you will land on the homepage.

The moment the webpage of these websites is opened infront of you, you will see the option of login or signup. By pressing the option of login, the next page which will be there for you will be the login page. You will have to enter necessary information like user id and password in the blank boxes so as to enter into the dashboard of the user account.

Don’t forget to check the link of PAHAL or DBTL status so as to know the status of gas subsidy online in your account. You will be asked to provide certain details like LPG id so as to know the present status of the subsidy. After entering the Aadhar number of customer number, you will move on to next page where you will see whether the subsidy has or has not been deposited in your bank account.

How to Check Bharat Gas Subsidy Status Offline

The another way of checking the subsidy status is offline mode. In this process, you don’t need to do any internet research. The only thing which you are required to follow is the procedure of visiting the nearby distributor’s office. After visiting the distributor’s office, you will asked to submit some details like customer id or LPG id which will be cross-verified at the office. The verification process will further be supplemented with next step of knowing and confirming the gas subsidy status. Thus, you will be provided with the confirmed status of gas subsidy availed by you. You can also make a phone call on a toll free number 1800 233 3555 and get your gas subsidy status confirmed without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Subsidy Given to me?

The entire process of transferring of the subsidy takes almost three days. As soon as your application form of gas subsidy gets a green signal from the higher authorities, you will notified that you have become eligible to get the benefit of gas subsidy.

What if I do not receive the subsidy?

If you have applied for the subsidy and you haven’t received it within three days, then you should go to the distributor’s office and complain about the same. You can also do this online. Thing which you need to do is filing a complain about the issue and submit the form to the grievance redressal section of the official portal of the company.

Can I get the subsidy once I give it up?

The answer to this question is a big ‘No’. Once you give up the subsidy, you will never be able to get it back. The government has decided certain guidelines regarding the same. You need to follow those guidelines and ascertain that the benefit of getting gas subsidy is a one time opportunity.

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