Gas Subsidy Application Form [PDF] – Indane Gas, HP Gas, Bharat Gas

Whenever you had to purchase a cylinder, you had to pay the subsidized rate to the gas company so as to get the gas connection. Under PAHAL scheme, government of India introduced a facility of transferring the amount to be paid for gas connection as a subsidy into the user account of the customers. In order to avoid the subsidy leakage, Indian government came up with this new provision in its regulations related to gas booking companies.

Customers who have annual income more than Rs 10 lakh are eligible to take advantage of this scheme. To get the benefit of this scheme, you need to apply for the scheme and submit a form. After following the step by step process ofapplying for the subsidy, you’ll get the subsidised amount transferred in your bank account. The amount has to be paid directly to the gas company to get the benefit of gas subsidy.

Gas Subsidy Application Form

As government of India launched PAHAL scheme and started transferring the subsidy into the bank accounts of people having their income below a mark, plenty of customers enrolled themselves into this initiative to get the benefit of the scheme. In order to take advantage of this scheme, one needs to follow a step by step process the starting point of which is filling up the application form and submitting it to the distributor of respective gas company.

There are two ways of getting the form. One is that you can go the nearby distributor and get it from there. Other way of having form with you is the use of internet to download the form online. To get the form online, you can simply search the URL of the official website of the particular gas company and download it from there by entering into your user account which you create while registering for taking the advantage of scheme.

We all know that there are three prominent gas companies in India. These three companies which provide the gas connection at a subsidized rate. The processes of getting the application form from these gas companies is easy as explained earlier. Either you can visit the nearby distributor’s office or you can simply download it from the official websites of those companies.

  1. Indane Gas : Indane Gas is one of the leading gas companies which offers its customers an excellent service. If you’re planning to get the service and get the service of the company, you can simply visit the official website of the company. You can download the form from the portal and fill up the essential information to submit it to the company. The link to download this form for the Indane gas service providers.
  2. HP Gas : HP Gas also holds a strong position in the list of best gas companies providing amazing services to its customers. By providing commercial and domestic supply of LPG, the leading gas company has created a huge customer base in India. You need to just download the form which is available at their link.
  3. Bharat Gas : Out of three major gas companies, Bharat Gas too plays vital role in offering timely service to its customers who apply for the gas subsidy. The well reputed company leaves no stone unturned in making the cylinders available at subsidized rate. link for the download of the application.

Details Required to Fill Gas Subsidy Application Form

When you are done with downloading the application form from the official website, the next step which you follow is the filling up the form with necessary details. Below are the list of details which you need to fill up in the application form to get the gas subsidy.

  1. Gas connection number, LPG id and contact number are the three major essential credentials which you are required to provide to the company while filling up the application form. This particular information is going to be present on the gas booking slip.
  2. As Adhar Card has become the necessary document which everybody needs to carry while getting the benefit of any service offered by the government of India. While applying for the gas subsidy, you also need to mention the details of the Adhar card number.
  3. The third and the most significant information which you need to share when you apply for the gas subsidy is your bank account details. With the help of ISFC code, account holder name, account number and the name of the bank, the government authorities will be able to transfer the amount availed in subsidy.

Apart form these, you also have to submit the copy of your passbook as the proof. This are the essential verification details which you need to provide while applying for the gas subsidy. You must need to follow the all steps very carefully so as to avoid any mistake. If you face any problem while following this process, you may also fill PAHAL grievance redressal form which will help in answering all your queries.

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